Breast Reduction Surgery

Natural shape, line, and feeling
Be confident with DA’s Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Duration
    50min ~1hr 30min.
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 day
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2 to 3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA’s Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are different methods to breast reduction surgery depending on the breast size, shape, skin elasticity, nipple location and the degree of sagging.

However, whatever method is used, it is important to reduce the signs of
scarring and create beautiful breasts during breast reduction.
Breast reduction must be done by a surgeon with years of experience
and know-how as it requires high skills and deep understanding of breast anatomy.

Self Diagnosis for Large Breasts

Upper Breast
Lower Breast
10cm 12.5cm 15cm 17.5cm 20cm 22.5cm 25cm
*There may be differences due to individual’s measuring method E-G Cup is classified as large breasts

Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

  • 01CASE Those with too big
    and sagging breasts
  • 02CASE Those who are mentally
    distressed by large breasts
  • 03CASE Those with back,
    shoulder and neck
    pain due to heavy breasts
  • 04CASE Those who are worried
    of skin condition on the
    overlapped skin below the breasts

Breast Surgery Incision Area

  • 01 Incision on the areola Effective for seriously sagging breasts and possible if areola is bigger than 4cm
    In case of ‘bigger than average breasts’
    Reduction for sagging breasts
    Able to breast feed and preserve nipple sensation
  • 02 Straight Incision Make a 4cm to 5cm long straight vertical incision below the areola.
    Suitable for most breast shapes
    Popular surgical method
    Effective for correcting bigger breasts
    Able to breast feed and preserve nipple sensation
  • 03 ‘오’ shaped incision Make an incision in shape of ‘오’ from areola to the bottom line of the breast
    Suitable for big breasts with serious sagging
    Effective for seriously large breasts
    Effective method for nipple correction and preserving nipple sensation
  • 04 Liposuction Destroying and extracting selective fat cells from the breast.
    Suitable for those who have big breasts with more fat tissue than breast tissue
    Little to no scar
    No sagging and results in tight skin
    Able to breast feed and preserve nipple sensation