Premium Incision Method

Just as natural as non-incision method
  • Duration
    Approx. 30 min~ 1hr
  • Anesthesia
  • Post-operative
  • Stitch removal
    After 5~6 days
  • Recovery
    7 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA’s Natural Non-Incision Method

  • 01CASE Those who have thick
    layer of skin and muscle
    on the eyelids
  • 02CASE Those who have stuffy
    and droopy eyelids
  • 03CASE Those who want to remove
    loose tissue or thick fat
    on the eyelid
  • 04CASE Those who want a
    more accurate
    operation result
  • 05CASE Those who want
    a revision done for
    more clear line

What is Premium Incision Method?

DA’s premium incision method is done by making an incision and removing
unnecessary droopy eyelid, muscles, or fat layer to create bright and clear double eyelid line.

Premium incision method can create more diverse double eyelid line than non-incision method, especially effective for those who have droopy eyelids or thick skin, muscle, or fat layer. Little to no scarring and patients recover more quickly

DA Premium Incision Surgical Method

  • STEP 01 Before operation
  • STEP 02 Design a desired outline, then make an incision on the eyelid
  • STEP 03 According to the level of drooping eyelid, remove part of the muscles, and if in case of stuffy eyelids, remove fat
  • STEP 04 Connect the muscles used for raising eyelids with the skin to create double eyelid line
  • STEP 05 After operation

Benefits of DA’s Premium Incision Method

  • BENEFIT 01 Natural As Non-incision Method Plastic Surgeons with years of experience and know-how will create a natural looking eye line that looks natural as non-incision method
  • BENEFIT 02 Permanent Effect Due to skin incision, the effect is permanent and there is no need to worry about knots being untied.
  • BENEFIT 03 Clear and Sharp Line Removing droopy skin, muscle and fat to create a sharp and clear eye
  • BENEFIT 04 Various double eyelid line can be created Inline, outline, in-outline, various eyelid line can be created and its also suitable for revision eyelid surgery