DA Eye Surgery for Men

Natural shape, line, and feeling Be confident!
  • Duration
    20 mins
    Incision: 1 Hr
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    After 3~7 days
  • Recovery
    2~3 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

The difference
between eye surgery
for men and women?

Natural looking eyes
Double eye lid line that is overall unnoticeable
Clear eyes with consideration to cornea exposure
Surgical method that considers thick skin compared to women

DA Eye Surgery for Men Effects

DA’s eye surgery for men create clear and big eyes with natural double eyelids to create eyes that men desire.

  • First
    Clear and Soft Eyes
    Transform sleepy and stuffy eyes to clear and soft eyes!
  • Second
    Improve forehead wrinkles
    Improve wrinkles on the forehead by not using eyebrows or forehead
  • Third
    Effective Ptosis Correction
    Natural-looking ptosis correction through accurate diagnosis

Ideal Eyelids for Men

  • No Double Eyelids
    If the patient doesn’t want the double eyelid line to be visible, ptosis correction can be done without double eyelid to increase cornea exposure.
  • 1mm Double Eyelids
    Unnoticeable double eyelid line that only appears at the end of the eyes. It transforms the overall look with natural eye line.
  • 3mm Double Eyelids
    Double eyelids that are noticeable, and can notice a dramatic change.

Surgical Method for Eye Surgery for Men

  • Non-incisional Ptosis Correction DA’s non-incisional ptosis correction for men creates natural double-eyelids without incising the eyelid, muscles or fat layer. It can effectively increase the muscle power that opens the eyes, as ptosis is caused by weakening of the eye muscles.
  • STEP 01 Before surgery
  • STEP 02 Make small holes along the designed line
  • STEP 03 Pass the thread from outside to inside of the eyelid
  • STEP 04 Connect the skin to the muscles that are used when opening the eyes
  • STEP 05 After surgery
  • Suture Method DA’s suture method creates double eyelids by making knots on the eyelid rather than incising the skin. DA Plastic Surgery makes 7 knots compared to the main method of tying 3~4 knots to make clearer lines.
  • STEP 01 Before surgery
  • STEP 02 Design an ideal line for double eyelid that fits the image of the whole face
  • STEP 03 Create small holes on the designed line
  • STEP 04 Make knots by sewing threads along the holes
  • STEP 05 After surgery
  • Suture Method DA’s suture method incise eyelid, muscle and fat layer to create natural and clear double eyelids. By incising excessive skin, it creates more bigger eyes and its effective for patient’s with thick eyelids with thick skin, muscle and fat layers.
  • STEP 01 Before surgery
  • STEP 02 Design an ideal line of double eyelid that fits the image of the whole face
  • STEP 03 Remove unnecessary muscle or fat along the designed line
  • STEP 04 Bind the muscles or stitch up along the incised line
  • STEP 05 After surgery

Surgical Process for DA’s Eye Surgery for Men

  • 01. Analyze face and eye shape1:1 Analysis of individual’s facial structure
  • 02. Establish a surgical planDecide the surgical method and plan with consideration depending on the patient’s condition
  • 03. Perform safe and precise operationHighly satisfactory result through safe and precise operation done by experienced and skilled surgeons using precise medical techniques