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Title Facial Contouring Surgery
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It has been 6 months already since I had facial contouring surgery! 

How time flies~

With protruding cheekbones, I had fierce-looking appearance and it made me stressed all the time. 

So I decided to undergo surgery as I wanted a friendly image. 

My family and friends were worried about me undergoing facial contouring surgery as it is a big surgery. 

But luckily it ended well and I am in good condition now with no problems after 6 months. 

I think most of the swelling has gone down now. 

I was very worried about swelling and chewing after the surgery, but now I don't have any discomfort when I chew or eat. 

I am very satisfied with my results and I think it was a really good idea to have the surgery. 

With a new facial line, I feel more confident :) 





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