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Title Facial Contouring Surgery
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Before Surgery: 

My square jaw and latern jaw were always a stress for me even when I was young. 

There were no problems with my teeth, but I looked weird and awkward when smiling. 

That's why I decided to have facial contouring surgery at DA.


1 month after surgery: 

It's already been 1 month after my surgery!

I remember being in pain and hungry after the surgery..

Swelling was peak during 3~4 days post-op but it wasn't too much. 

I went to the clinic for my one month follow up and after-care and the doctor said

that my face will look much smaller once the swelling goes down completely. 


3 months after surgery: 

I feel more than fine and I sometime forget that I had surgery. 

Eating and chewing is no problem at all now and feelings have all come back to normal. 

Friends are complimenting me, sayin that my face looks very small.


6 months after surgery: 

It's been 6 months after my surgery and I feel great!

There is still a slight bit of swelling left but other than that everything is all good. 

I am 100% satisfied with my face. 

My face looks small from any angle and people compliment me even when I don't 

have any make up on and saying how small my face is. 

I am thankful that I met the doctors at DA and I would recommend facial contouring surgery

to anyone who is thinking about it. 



1 year after surgery


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