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Title Eye Surgery
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I decided to undergo eye surgery due to having fat eyelids that were asymmetrical. 

But my parents were very worried, so I got a consultation at DA where my friend had already had her eye surgery.

I decided to get eye surgery at DA as I felt like I could trust the doctors here. 

Incisional method was decided as my eyes were fatty and heavy and I asked for a big natural and well defined eyes. 

The operation was an interesting experience, with sedation anesthesia. ;)

After the operation, there was some discomfort and I took medications and put packs on my eyes. 

Due to swelling, I had to wear sunglasses for a months and I was able to wear makeup and contact lenses 2 months after surgery.

Now, 5 months after surgery and I still have a little swelling left but it will go down in time. 

I am happy with my results as it looks natural and beautiful. 

I don't regret getting surgery and choosing DA was the right choice! 







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