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How do you fix saggy breasts in mid 30s?

A woman’s breast is an ironic body part that can’t be seen, but specialized organs, which are located on the anterior chest wall. Men can take off their tops easily, while women can’t. Breast means a lot to women. It is a body part that can show confidence in body shape, and at the same time, it is an important part where you can find the meaning of mother by breastfeeding. The development of the breast is preceded by menstruation as secondary sexual characteristic sign begin in teenagers. As you grow up, your breast grows bigger, and as aging begins, your breast begins to sagging and shrink from the mid-30s.

For women whose small breasts were complex, as they get older, become more droopy and shrink like a flat balloon. The normal breast is less than 20cm apart from the collarbone and nipple, and the distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold is more than 3cm. In other words, it is close to the collarbone due to breast is high-rise.
However, sagging breasts are diagnosed when the distance between the collarbone and the nipple is less than 21~23cm, and the distance between the nipple and inframammary fold is less than 3cm. At this level, you can see clearly that your breast is drooping from the front and the side view. In those case, we would like to recommend breast augmentation combined with breast lift to achieve more fuller and youthful breasts.

The various symptoms of aging in the breast that come form the mid-30s are typically shrink breast tissue. Next level is a sagging breast type that seems to have naturally gone down as the abundant upper volume decreases. Breasts become fall to the side, and symmetric breasts .. Etc., are also symptoms of aging.

This could be improved through breast surgery. In the case of Motiva breast surgery, it is a surgery that completes the natural curved with three-dimensional and soft breast, including the front, side, and when lying down, through 3D disinsertion method.

It uses gel with excellent viscosity and elasticity, the volume is maintained smoothly and naturally in any movement, and natural I-line breast can be expected. Motiva implant is made of nanoscale particles, and the surface is very sensitive, minimizing side effects such as capsular construction and allergies caused by friction reactions. It is characterized by natural touch and movement after surgery with smooth surfaces.

Another method is Mentor breast surgery. With a smooth surface, natural movement and touch can be expected after the surgery, and it features a long-lasting volume with Mentor silicon gel precision charging technology. Depending on the individual’s condition, surgery methods and costs may vary.

“For beautiful and healthy women’s breasts, accurate designs should be made for each patient, and breast conditions and implants should be systematically examined through breast ultrasound before and after surgery,” said Kim Su Jung, breast surgeon at DA Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea. “For beautiful breast, you should be carefully examine before surgery, and check to see if there is a safe co-operation between a plastic surgeon and a breast surgeon.