Skin color on genitals and thighs

Jordan Cobos
2024-07-09 13:50
Nationality : United Kingdom

Date of Birth : 1989/01/12

Gender : Male

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Consultation Part : Dermatology

Approximately 5 months ago, the color of my skin started lightening on my groin area and my thighs. I am not sure why this happened. There is nothing I am aware of that triggered this to happen. It has not changed in the last few months. I'm not familiar with the procedures you offer at all, but I am wondering if there is anything you can do that will make my skin look normal again, or if you know of any products or other treatments that could help. I greatly appreciate your time and thank you for your assistance. It is a very embarrassing issue for me so I greatly appreciate this service you are providing. Thank you so much!